Space and house

Spazio Lightbox is in Cannaregio 3831, 30121 Venice. Italy
mobile: +39 347 7850764

Exhibitions by appointment only
Opening time
Mondays to Saturdays
from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm
Feel free to call us to book your appointment.

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Lightbox, is not a conventional art gallery

Lightbox is first of all a beautiful 250 sq meter apartment in Venice. The windows of the house look on one side on a green garden on the Grand Canal and on the other side on Strada Nuova, the main street of the city.
A few minutes from la Ca’ d’Oro, we are located in the centre of Venice.
Lightbox is also the space where we work. 
Lightbox is publishing and communication company. Our main projects are a series of guides on main international art events. My Biennale Guide is ultimate guide to the Art and Architecture Biennale, with all tips and info to survive in Venice during these big international events. The communication and press office is specialized in art and video events.

The house

Spazio Lightbox is above all an apartment where artists, art collectors, curators, critics, gallery manager can stay and sleep during their visit to Venice and to Lightbox exhibitions.

Space plan

In dark gray - spaces dedicated to the exhibitions
In light gray - the kitchen 

Tecnical information

Open & Close
Opening secretary works on Monday to Friday. All exhibitions will be by invitation only and by appointment. Feel free to call us and book your visit.

We have different possibilities for external banners. 
Our press office has all local, national and international contacts for journalist, critics, collectors, artists.
Normally for each exhibition we print invitations, and posters and a digital catalogue.

The apartment has a big kitchen with microwave oven and conventional oven, fridge and gas, perfect as base for caterings.